John needed to explain characteristics of "the Word" further.
1. 6:1-14 After these things (that is, the challenge about Jesus being greater than Moses), Jesus went across the sea of Tiberias in Galilee. 12. 10:40-2 He went away again across the Jordan
A large crowd followed him because they had seen the signs that he worked on people who had ailments. to the place where John had at first been baptizing. And he remained there. Many people came to him and said “John indeed did not do any sign.
Jesus went up to the mountain and he sat there with his disciples. Now the feast of the Jewish Passover was near. Jesus therefore when he lifted up his eyes and saw a large crowd coming towards him said to Philip "Where can we buy loaves so that these people can eat?" He said this (to Philip) to test him for he knew what he was about to do. Phillip answered "Out of two hundred denarii we cannot buy enough loaves of bread for them even if each person only had a little (to eat)." (Then) one of the his disciples who was Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter said to him. "There is a lad here who has five loaves of barley and two fish. But what is this amongst so many?" Jesus said "Make the men sit down." Now there was plenty of grass in that place. The men therefore sat down. They numbered about five thousand. Jesus therefore took the loaves and having given thanks he distributed these to the people who were reclining (on the grass). Likewise also (the people) were given as much of the fish as they wanted. Now when they had eaten he tells his disciples "Gather up the left overs so that nothing is lost." They therefore gathered these up and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves. This is how much that was left after the people had eaten. When people saw what sign he had worked (here) they said "This is truly the prophet who has come into the world." But everything that John said about this man was true. So many people believed in Him.”