Parallels going backwards into the Gospel

“the day when he chose to be taken
up (to the heavens)”
“and he led them to Bethany
and …he withdrew from them
”on meeting with them he told
them not to leave Jerusalem”
“and to be proclaimed.. repentance
.. beginning from Jerusalem”
“”Lord are you going to
restore the kingdom to Israel…?”
“we were hoping that he was
the one being about to redeem Israel”
“beyond there were two men
standing by them in white garments”
.. behold two men stood by
them in shining clothing”
“Then they returned to Jerusalem
from the mount, which
was called after the olive grove”
“he went according to his habit
to the mountain of the olives”

“they went into the upper room….
Peter and John and James and Andrew,
Phillip and Thomas,
Bartholmew and Matthew, James
son of Aphaeus, Simon the Zealot
and Judas the brother of James”
“supper room …when the hour
came he reclined with his apostles”
“Judas… He was the one who
became guide to those who took
“and going he (Judas Iscariot) )
conversed with the chief priests
and captains about how he might
betray him (Jesus) to them”
“But standing up Peter with the
eleven lifted up his voice and
spoke out to them.”
“Now during the day he
was in the temple teaching“

Parallels continued over